Help 1033 Country Be An Even Better Radio Station

Dear Listener, 

Need a fun break at work or just want to hear some great country music? Then we hope you’ll take part in our online music listening forum. Here you can hear some new country songs as well as some favorites, and you can join with your fellow country music fans to let us know which ones you like best or least. 

The format is fast-paced and fun. You can listen for a while, go do something else, and then come back when you want to hear some more music. 

If you choose to check it out (and we hope you do!) you’ll be asked to enter a special “station code;” when prompted for this, please enter this number: A94 (you’ll need to enter your code here). That is the only way your responses can be directed to us. 

Also, the first time you sign in, please use your e-mail and password (you can make up anyone you want) and click on “new to this survey”. Your email and password are what you’ll use to return to the survey at anytime. 

To get started, just click on the link below; instructions will appear on the first page:

One final reminder: when prompted for that Station Market Code please use A94. This will ensure that your votes reach us. Please do not enter our dial position or select a random number. Use only A94 

Please accept a huge thank you for taking your valuable time to do this. We hope you have a lot of fun with it and your responses really mean a LOT to us! 


Big D and Bubba, Tyler Reese and the whole 1033 Country crew. 


Welcome Amy Paige to Cumulus Nashville – 103.3 Country/WKDF!

Welcome Amy Paige to Cumulus Nashville – 103.3 Country/WKDF!

Popular On-Air Personality Amy Paige Returns to Country Radio Middays on Cumulus Nashville’s 103.3 Country/WKDF-FM NASHVILLE, TN, January 10, 2022 – CUMULUS MEDIA announces the return of popular Country radio personality Amy Paige to Nashville Country radio, as On-Air Host, Middays, on 103.3 Country/WKDF-FM. Paige debuts today on 103.3. Country and will be heard live Monday…