Maren Morris is Happy to Have Humble Quest Out So She Can Talk About the Music

Maren Morris is Happy to Have Humble Quest Out So She Can Talk About the Music

Maren Morris‘ brand new album Humble Quest is available now!

Maren is very happy to finally have the project out so she can talk about the music on Humble Quest with someone other than her husband Ryan Hurd, “Yeah, these songs have been done for almost a year. So I’m just so happy to finally get to talk about them with someone other than my husband who’s heard them a thousand times.”

Speaking of her husband, fans will notice that Ryan does have a presence throughout the album, Maren says “Whether Ryan is the co-writer on one of the songs or not, a lot of them are dedicated to him. So, ‘Tall Guys’ is one of those that I didn’t necessarily write with Ryan, but is definitely about his impact on me as a tall guy.”

Maren shares the inspiration behind the music on her new album, “With Humble Quest, because it was born out of such an uncertain time, I feel like it is the most honest and no holds barred. Because there was no pressure to make this record, it was, this album was juts made out of a time of, growth. You know these are some of my most personal lyrics, but they also like healed me in a such a way, they were actual therapy to make.”

“Putting track listings together for albums, it truly is an obsession for me. I think that, you know, as someone that is truly loves listening to albums in sequence of how the artist wants you to hear them, like I am glad people are getting rid of like shuffle mode. Because I hate listening to things out of order of when artists wanted them. And so I think the same for my own. It’s a story that you’re telling from the top down. So you don’t want people like jumping to the end. So it really is kind of designed to be listened to in sequence. And I think kind of starting off with ‘Circles Around This Town,’ it’s fun. It kind of like, lifts you and then we kind of like I cradle you with ‘The Furthest Thing.’

And ‘I Can’t Love You Anymore’ brings you back up.”

“And then ‘Humble Quest’ is like the humbling medium. And then, I mean, it’s just it’s really designed to be a journey.

Maren adds, “I feel like I could be one of those musicologists at Johns Hopkins that just curates playlists for patients because I feel like I’ve always loved making playlists and you know, mixed CDs for friends and road trips and whatnot. But yeah, I feel like that’s the same when you’re an artist and you’re making a sequence of a track listing or a setlist it’s like you’re finding magical moments.”

Maren will be working on a special setlist for her fans as she is getting ready to launch the Humble Quest tour in early June and bring the music of her new album to fans live and in person.

Humble Quest from Maren Morris is available now, and it includes her current single at country radio, “Circles Around This Town.”

Photo Credit: Harper Smith


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